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What is ISSA PAC?

  • ISSA PAC: Invest in a Strong and Secure America. ISSA PAC is a leadership PAC. California Congressman Darrell Issa serves as Honorary Chairman. ISSA PAC contributes to Republican candidates dedicated to smaller, more accountable government. Your contribution will support Republican candidates willing to uphold these values in Congress.

What is a leadership PAC?

  • A leadership PAC is a political action committee sponsored by a member of Congress that can give monetary contributions to other candidates nationally, but cannot contribute funds to its sponsoring candidate. For example, ISSA PAC cannot contribute to Issa for Congress.

Who is Congressman Darrell Issa?

  • Congressman Issa is the Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, making him the chief Republican watchdog in Congress.
  • A member of Congress since 2000, Darrell Issa is a business and technology leader who founded a successful electronics manufacturing firm in southern California.
  • Issa also serves on the House Judiciary Committee and has previously served on the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Committee on Energy & Commerce.